The Real Estate Investing Community at Property NirvanaAs soon as you join, gain access to several perks not available to the general public...

  • REBATE: Earn a 100% rebate on your annual membership dues when you finance a property through us, or invest in one of our sponsored syndications (a $199 value).
  • FREE SOFTWARE: Get full access to the #1 deal analyzer software, Leverage (a $179 value)
  • Proof of Funds / Pre-Qualification Letters for your deals (if you qualify)
  • Access to executives from publicly traded Energy companies in our network that are offering energy incentives now for your buildings and land to increase your NOI (just ask the Property Nirvana Host to introduce you)
  • Network to find private lenders, raise capital for your syndication, connect with experienced investors 
  • Upgrade your network and close more deals
  • Residential MLOs can finance homes for the other members, such as investors and commercial lenders who need to refer a residential client!

Sure, you can be a "retail investor" and get the watered-down stuff. 

Or, you can be an Insider, where you get access to deals before they hit the street, in things like traditional commercial real estate, and “next-generation” real estate investments like solar farms and fuel cell land sites. (The government is incentivizing renewable energy and we have the inside track on how to turn that into a profitable real estate play for you.)

Hosted by investors, developers, and lenders who have "been there, done that", Property Nirvana will show you how to build generational wealth faster, and with fewer mistakes and distractions.

This is a No-Brainer because even though there is a membership fee to make sure we get to network with people who are serious about their real estate investing career, we've designed VALUE into Day 1.

Earn your annual membership fee back in full when you finance a deal through our program, or invest in one of our sponsored syndications.

Another unique benefit: YOU can apply to create a course in Property Nirvana and sell it here. Create a discount for members, and charge full price for non-members on our public site! There are many ways to grow your income, reputation, and network here.

And we'll pay for your annual subscription to Leverage Software. Who doesn't LOVE free software?!